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*Today Observe your conditioned Mindset relative to your Body physiological nature* 

Your body is the only vehicle you have to take you through this experience called life, it’s the most sophisticated system in the world that has ever existed, it can build or degenerate itself, it has the guidance of your instinctive intelligence throughout life, many times it malfunction because the accumulated contents of your mindset interferes with its mechanism of operation, this is what we request you to observe today…

How does our conditioned mindset interferes the functionality of our bodies, be reminded that your contents of the mind are simply accumulated from the outside environment for survival purposes, they’re foreign to your body, *the contents of your mind doesn’t know your body neither does your body know your mind,* to put it better, your body is like a container, and your contents of the mind are the substance you store in the container, the container doesn’t know which type of liquid or substances you store in it, that is left to you as the owner of the container i.e, your instinctive intelligence…

Let me remind you that you don’t have to agree with what I say, just observe what am talking about practically, your body does not know your words, like God, death, beauty, and all your languages, it’s only purpose is to operate as a survival tool and to help you experience life, just like your car, it doesn’t know who is driving and what language you speak, it’s duty is to take you to a destination of your choice…

So the body is not scared of death, cos it executes disintegration of worn out cells every moment of life, right now,  your body has an intelligence guiding it to destroy certain cells that are old and no longer needed in the system, you don’t have to be aware of this, but it’s going on continuously throughout your life, only your mind knows about death, note this, your body never dies, only your mind dies, your body disintegrates everyday into other energy forms that can provide nutrients to other organs, this happens throughout your life, even at the last days of your body’s total dissolution, your entire body will disintegrate into different nutrients that can be assimilated by the ecosystem, which can be consumed by other organs, starting with maggots, plants, etc, Your body does not FEAR DEATH, cos it doesn’t know about it, only your conditioned mindset flicks you out about death because it has accumulated lots of information about death, it’s scared of dying to what it has accumulated overtime, like possessions…

Observe that your body is just made of nutrients held together by molecular bonds of energy, which is your life energy, but the mindset doesn’t acknowledge about this, so when you don’t know how to control your conditioned mind, it takes over as your master and uses your body depending on the instructions the mindset has for it, be reminded that the mindset also does not know between good and bad, right from wrong, man from woman, *the mind executes instructions through your body depending on Identity and Intellect, we shall discuss more about this in later vibs.*

The mindset is just an instrument of survival in the world, it’s like a knife, whichever you give to the knife, it shall dissect, that is the use of your mindset, compare your mindset to a car engine, the engine executes the instructions as long as it’s in a car, the engine doesn’t know the type of car, as long as it gets the necessary conditions, it will execute the instructions to move the car, if I can put it more clearly, your intellect will dissect anything you give it depending on your identity, think about your intellect as a knife hooked to a robotic hand as identity, anything you give it, will be dissected, these are concepts that can not easily be understood at mind level, you need to use your instinctive intelligence to observe them, they need your conscious awareness, and awareness is not a process of accumulating information, it’s simply about being instinctively present, please, also observe that the mind cannot solve its own problems, it’s only good at creating them through imaginations and what it refers to as a solution, is another problem of its own making, which will require another solution…

Back to body’s physiological structure, this vehicle has its own mechanism to handle itself and every human being would be happy if the mindset doesn’t interfere with the body, that’s why the body adjusts the system to make sure that it turns off your accumulated mindset by putting you to sleep, or through biochemical reactions like sex, drugs, or adventures that take your body out of the control of your autonomous accumulated mindset, try to observe this, when the mindset is turned off, the body’s mechanism is in full control to perform important tasks within your body…

Observe that the mind thought processes interfere with your instincts, and the required instinctive intelligence within you is suppressed but once your instinctive intelligence detects that your mindset is leading the body to total destruction, it comes in, which many people call reflex actions, at such a moment, your body’s instinctive intelligence comes into control to protect your body from your accumulated mindset…

So today, relax to the extent that nothing is disturbing you within your mind, meditate with a calm mind, observe how your mind subordinates your instinctive intelligence within you, many psychologists talk about mind duality, that is when you hear two voices in conflict within your life, your mind instructs you on one thing while your integrity feels something different, so always meditate on observing what goes on within you before you reciprocate…

Please don’t argue, only ask questions to yourself first, then to us if possible, but resist the urge to react to this information, we are not asking you to buy it, only observe it… Inbox us for more clarity…

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