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*Today observe your mind relative to your Brain*

The brain is an organ made of soft tissue called neurons forming the neurological structure, embedded within your skull, which contains a substance we call the mind, it’s a survival tool, this instrument enables you to be aware of your physical environment or world, it’s just accumulated over time, no one is born with a fixed mind, no one comes to life with a fully equipped mind, the mind learns from the impressions of the world to which it’s exposed, it improves with continuous training, the more training it receives, the sharper it becomes in functioning along with those concepts in which it’s trained…

Comrade Nickson asked me to clarify on the mind, ”how can I understand my mind better?”

Today let’s compare the brain and mind to a real-world case scenario, take an example of the Communication system…

*Your brain is the Radio while your mind is the antenna which receives the broadcasted signals from the station* For anyone to receive broadcasts from any station, you must tune into a given wavelength at a certain frequency using your antenna, this is something we all do every day using our mind, our mind is our antenna that is capable of tuning into many radio stations, but the choice is left to your *instinctive intelligence*

We tune into different frequencies depending on our wavelengths, if you want a given radio station, you must know at which frequency it does operate, in the same way with your mind, if you want to control your mind and reach a certain goal, first understand your frequency at which you must operate, work on controlling your wavelength energy so that you can tune into any energy frequency, it’s all about you, not them, or radio station… 

So your mind will pick information that is within your frequency at which you operate, but if you want to change your life, then change your frequency, don’t ask why you are among a group of failures, ask why is your mind tuning into their frequency, don’t blame the radio station for broadcasting boring stuff, blame yourself for tuning into their frequency, you have the power to observe what frequency you’re tuning into…

If you’re not happy with that frequency, change it, you have the remote control, change the channel, practice ignoring all other frequencies and tune into only your desired frequency…

When the mind controls your life, it will tune into any frequency at which its vibrating, cos *wavelength is all about energy, your life is energy* 

The mind picks your energy levels, and only tunes into that frequency at which you vibrate, that’s why people who gossip, find themselves among fellow gossiping groups… men who are promiscuous easily tune into cohabitants, and easily accessible to the female gender that vibrates in the same wavelengths or energy levels…

Today make an effort to observe your wavelengths, life belongs to you, and you belong to it, take care of your energy levels and that vibrational energy will attract like energy from other sources or living humans, connect with us for more clarity at AfroWellness MMT…

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