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*Feel your life now, ignore your life situations*

Many people spend most of their time thinking about their life situations, your life situations are made from your accumulated mind stuff, the conditioning of your mind keeps looping through its past accumulated impressions & memories, or experiences and thoughts of a thousand thoughts, which creates your future projections, all these thought processes are meant to distract you from being attentive within your present moment NOW, which is your life, the mind is very tricky and you need to keep observing your thought processes, ignore all thoughts that are not necessary for you to solve your current challenge, when the mind controls your consciousness, it turns your past into your present thoughts, and your future into hope, be reminded comrade that the past memories & future projections have no place of their own in your life, they borrow your current moment for them to exist in your life, stop thinking about them and they shall stop bothering you, cos they are energy draining and keep you suffering within your mind, you lack peace of mind due to your past memories, resolve today to observe your thought processes, don’t energize your past memories, let them go, they don’t define who you are, if you knew better then, you would have acted better, but since you were ignorant about how to deal with your life, then let them pass, stop scratching your old wound, every time you think about your past is like scratching yourself, when are you going to heal, decide today to heal yourself, the past must not interfere with your present, control your energy and use it on dealing with what currently is in your life, trust your reticular activating system to work for you, whenever there is anything needed from your past programming, your reticular activating system shall find it and uses it to solve your current challenges…

Only practicing observing your mind will bring you happiness, focus on present moment NOW cos it’s the only point in time you’ve got…

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