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*Observe your inner dwelling Energy*

Life is energy, how you use that energy determines whether you’re living a happy or miserable life, both happiness and misery are states of your mindset, they begin from within your mind, you either create them consciously or unconsciously, you attract people and circumstances having the same energy levels like your own energy you project, if you are evil-minded, you will attract evil-minded people, if you’re aggressive, others will respond to you with aggression, angry people attract angry people, a toxic spouse, attracts a toxic spouse, I mean, you always attract humans who vibrate with the same energy in them as you do, this is not even about species, it’s about a universal law of energy, a cat that vibrates with the same energy as a rat will attract it and they can play together…

Many humans touch snakes, bees, dogs and other animals simply because such humans stay calm, they control their energy to the level of such animals and hence they can cohabit together without antagonism, take it this way when you control your energy such that it resonates in harmony with the other person, or animal, then you feel comfortable and connecting with such organism, there is no rocket science in this, if you want calm people in your life, then work on yourself to maintain and sustain calmness, control your energy to keep yourself calm consciously, be pleasant and other people or organisms will get attracted to you, everything starts with you, never blame the other people, cos others reflect back to you the same energy they see in you, once they detect that you are hot-tempered, then they will respond with a hot temper to counter your effect on them… 

So start today, the energy others see in you will always be responded with the same energy impulse, or take it like this, the life others see in you is the same life you attract, never ask yourself why you always attract bad relationships? It means you’re not good at relationships, work on controlling your energy level today, observe your energy as it increases, meditate on controlling your energy every moment & every day, because your life is energy, *How you spend your energy determines how you spend your life*, so declare today never to waste your energy in a wrong way, don’t let your mind to be in control of your energy or life, because *the mind is a good servant but the worst master of all times*

So today, sit for at least 10 minutes in total silence, don’t allow your mindset to obstruct your attention, be still, calm and feel your existential energy flowing throughout your body, let it lower to the minimum level possible as you observe your conditioned mindset, in this way, you will discover yourself and everything you do shall be a conscious process, inbox us for more discussion…

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