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*Today Observe whether you are learning or just accumulating knowledge*

The only reason why you learn is to take action not to store or accumulate knowledge, any knowledge you accumulate and keep without being utilized is not necessary, it’s an added load & burden to your mindset, who are you keeping it for, in fact, it’s better to dump it now, and travel weightless, your mind is an instrument only needed to execute current challenges, not to store information and then regurgitate on those thoughts, it’s wrong and if you want to live a happier life, dump all your mind stuff, ignore all knowledge within your mindset that you’re not using but keep thinking about as thoughts, you are just limiting yourself with your own mind-stuff, you don’t need it, you have the reticular activating system in your body that handles information processing, it’s like having your secretary but are not aware of her presence…

Today, spare 10 minutes observing the learning process, learning is never accumulative,

Learning is one thing and acquiring knowledge is another… Learning is a continuous moment to moment process throughout life, not a process of addition, not a process which you gather and then from there hope to act, most of us gather knowledge from school, culture or family as memory, as an ideology to base our lives, and then store it up as experience, and from there hope to act but rather we just react… 

That is, we react from psychological knowledge, knowledge as experience, knowledge as tradition, the knowledge that one has derived through one’s particular belief system; In that process, there is no learning…

Learning is never accumulative; it is a constant movement… I do not know if you have ever gone into this question at all: what is learning and what is the acquisition of knowledge? Keep observing it on your own, don’t wait for my analysis to justify what you know, go into it on your own, give yourself time to observe the process of learning and acquiring knowledge, the mindset cannot justify its own conditioning, you need to silence the mind & come to this instinctive awareness, your sense perceptions should become very attractive during this observation…

Learning is never accumulative, use your instinctive intelligence to observe your mindset, you have the power to reprogram your mind so that you use your mind Now for the current challenges of life than replaying past memories & its future projections, the choice is your…

Create time to observe learning, which is a moment to moment process of awareness, your mindset tricks you into losing this moment to moment awareness and you end up getting enslaved by your mindset, for more clarity, connect with our AfroWellness team for more programs…

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