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*Today Observe your relationship*

I was faced with one serious question, *What is Love?* if I can define *LOVE as – Loss Of Vital Energy* 

It means love is more than affection, cos life is entirely Energy, and loosing that energy or losing your life to benefit others is love, many friends simply define love in terms of sex, love is more than sex, here is a genuine question, Do you love your spouse even when s/he is not with you? If yes, then you affirm that love is not about sex, if you say no, then you define sex to be love, you are saying that only when your spouse is with you, does love exist which is an illusion because 99% of humans never read the user’s manual for relationships, they only seek conformity & security in a relationship than being responsible for what they make of a relationship, they forget that their relationship entirely depends on them, not what other people made them accumulate…

Today you’re reminded to spare at least 10 minutes in total silence, observing your position when it comes to your own relations, this cuts across all disciplines of life, it can be your relationship with your spouse, kids, relatives, workmates, neighbors, etc, just keep observing, don’t be caught up in mindset antagonism, just let your instincts be aware of your mindset drama about relationships that it has accumulated…

The reality about today’s relationships is they are mindset driven which is totally wrong, many relationships are based on the accumulated impressions, and as long as your relationship is based on your accumulated self-images, keep expecting misery, strife & conflict, your self-images are your mindset accumulation of information about relationships, that accumulated information can judge & complain basing on what kind of situation you’re in, you keep all past memories about relationships from your parents, family mates, friends and expect your spouse to conform to those memories, you never listen to your spouse for understanding rather you listen to your thought processes and hold your spouse accountable for what you think, not who they are, you expect your spouse to do as your mind thinks for you and never take time to discover the source of your thought processes about your spouse…

Observe that the mental thought processes cease every time your spouse gratifies your desires, cos the mindset likes pleasure and it keeps drawing you into pleasurable situations like sex, drinking, smoking so as to suppress your mind’s egotistical drive, the mind thinks, desires, complains, evaluates and expects your spouse to fulfill its demands but unfortunately your spouse is not you, s/he doesn’t have a clue about your past memories, they also have a different self-image that they want you to fulfill, and you both find yourself in contradiction cos you don’t understand each other’s accumulated self-images…

Today take responsibility for where you are, start working on yourself, drop yourself image, I mean, drop all past memories about relationships, start freshly today, you don’t need your self-image to have a successful relationship, in fact, yourself image in an obstacle to a better relationship, stop looking at your spouse through your mind’s accumulated database of information, I mean your accumulated images about relationships, you can’t have a blessed moment when you’re the instigator of *STRIFE* in your relationship, strive to keep strife out of your relationship, and you shall be happy having your relationship working out…

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