Self meditation vib12

*Self meditation vib12*

*Today practice listening without your thoughts commenting or any prejudices*

Always listen to understand not to judge, you don’t have to like what the communicator says, but for survival, you must listen, so that you can let your instinctive intelligence guide you to take action,…

Our only obstacle to listening well is the mind’s thought processes, they block you from connecting with the communicator, the mindset strives to reject any information that doesn’t result into pleasure, the mindset likes pleasure, it goes ahead to replay pleasurable thoughts, not because your body likes such kind of pleasure, but it’s what the mindset likes, to the extent that pleasure becomes mechanical to your body, like sex, smoking, drinking, profanity, mediocrity, all these are concepts of the conditioned mindset, and once they become compulsive & mechanical, then you have serious habits that destroy the body… be reminded that pleasure is always accompanied with pain, these are like a brother to sister, male to female, whenever you welcome pleasure, expect pain as its shadow…

Anyway, I do not know whether you have listened to an early morning sound of a bird, but to listen to something demands that your conditioned mindset be totally quiet, just quietness without your inner thought processes interfering, right now, I am telling you something, and to listen to me you have to be quiet, stop having all kinds of ideas buzzing in your conscience…

When you look at a beautiful thing like a flower, you look at it, not naming it, not classifying it, not saying that it belongs to a certain species, but when you do these, you cease to look at it and focus on your mind’s accumulated contents about the flower…

Therefore I am saying that your intellect is one of the most difficult obstacles to listen, to listen to the 

communist, to the socialist, to the politician, to the capitalist, to anybody, to your spouse, to your children, to your family, to your neighbor, to the public speaker, to the birds and most importantly to nature requires a completely free mind… just listen without prejudices arising from your accumulated identity and Intellect…

It is only when you listen without the inner projected ideas, without thought, that you’re directly in communion with the communicator, to understand what is communicated, you don’t have to like the communicator, but the information is necessary for your instinctive intelligence to observe and help you survive, and being in contact with information, you will understand whether what is communicated is true or 

false; you do not have to discuss… but you need to be aware in order to survive in the ecosystem…

So please today, maintain that your thoughts must not interfere with any communication, just listen, your neurological structure is like a sponge, use it only to absorb without prejudice, and your instinctive intelligence will work for you to be aware of what is necessary for your survival, for more clarity, subscribe and join our AfroWellness programs, have peace…

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