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*Today Observe WHO you’re*

Some Comrades ask, Thurston; who are we as humans according to your perception? I mean they know themselves by the accumulated information in terms of names, family background, nationality, profession, etc… but do not understand WHO they’re as existential human beings, let me also ask you, *WHO ARE YOU?*

Don’t bother telling me your name, I know your name even without you mentioning it, do you want me to tell you your name? Hoping we’ve never met and we are strangers, your name is… you guessed right! Just a *word,* 

I can call you any word as long as it makes me remember you, names are only meant for Identity to be used by your mind’s Intellect, be reminded that your body has nothing to do with your words or languages, these are contents of your conditioned mindset, the body only senses through the impressions of the world, all words are the making of your imaginative mind, the body can’t understand your mindset, it only takes instructions from your brain when the brain triggers the production of the necessary hormones to execute those instructions in the body, so the question is, Who are you? Understand that you can not be what you’ve accumulated, or what you identify yourself with, you’re special and very unique in the human existential form, let’s observe it this way, when I ask you to tell me about yourself, you start with…

My name is… My family is… My car is… My degree is… My profession is… My nickname is…

Meaning you can not be your possessions, *the ”

my” points at your possession…*  all those identities are just your possessions that define your mind’s intellect, they are not you… they are just your accumulations in life either given to you by birth or through learning from the worldly systems, just like your body, it’s an accumulation of food nutrients bound together by bonds of energy which constitutes your life… so we have to discover who you’re than just your possessions…

Here is one case scenario that your mindset has used to destroy who you’re, choose below the right statement according to you…

1. *I AM because I think…* Or

2. *I think because I AM…*

Yes, you guessed correctly according to your conditioned mindset, but what is correct doesn’t mean righteous, if you are controlled by your conditioned mindset, the mind thinks for you, so your answer is No.1, try to observe this, once your thought processes control your conscience, it appears as though they created you, so you identify yourself with your mindset, you feel you can’t live without your conditioned mindset, you risk death if at all you lose your accumulated mindset, and it’s the only true meaning of death that exists in reality, the death of your thought processes or conditioned mindset, some people can’t imagine living without their identity with the mindset, but I have witnessed humans after a surgery, who totally lose their mindset, and start living peacefully thereafter…

Then let’s observe the righteous answer in no.2…

The only right and righteous answer is no.2 *I think because I Am…* Meaning you create your own thoughts or mind, it belongs to you but you don’t belong to it, you can live without it, your thought processes are under your conscious control, you’re free to drop them anytime you need to be free from them, your thought processes are just an accumulation of your past memories, you don’t need to think about them, your reticular activating system already handles them for you, and will provide only answers needed to solve your current challenges and nothing more, the *I AM leads to your THINKING* So it’s important now to observe the *I AM* 

This is an instinctive intelligence guiding your whole human system, even Jesus when asked by his disciples who he was, here is his answer, he said, *I AM WHO I AM* 

Observe that answer, it has no past or future, it is mare presence, am talking of your instinctive intelligence that works only in the present moment now, it never works in past nor future, only in this moment now, so *Jesus = divine presence* There is no past about Jesus, no future about Jesus, only NOW, it’s now or never, but your only obstacle is your conditioned mindset, the mindset doesn’t want you to see this, it will complain, judge, argue, for its position, it wants to be your master, but let me speak with authority on this, if you want to experience Divine presence in your present moment, I mean to feel Jesus as many are hoping in prayer, then drop all your mind’s conditioning, drop all the conformity about your mindset, let it go, ignore it, let your mindset become your subordinate, remove your mind thought processes from the first position of your conscience, your thought processes must not be your priority in life but the divine presence or instinctive intelligence, and you shall know the truth about yourself, you will know who you’re and start using your Divine power within you to work for you…

I trust my instinctive intelligence, cos it proved to me already by maintaining my body’s mechanism or system in progressive functionality, what other miracle do you want beyond that, if you can realize that truth, then your Divine intelligence shall perform all necessary miracles in your life…

So today devote time to know who you’re, ignore what the worldly systems have taught your conditioned mindset that is you, that is just your image, not who you’re, you’re more than yourself image, that image is just your shadow if you started describing me as my shadow, then I would start doubting your instinctive intelligence, rather it’s a sign that you’re letting your conditioned mindset think for you…

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