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*Today observe what goes on within your whole human system*

Comrade Daniel asked this question, ”How can I observe what goes on within my conditioned mind, and body?

Let’s begin by agreeing on certain basic behaviors that your instinctive intelligence carry out within your body’s physiology without your conscious awareness, think about sleeping, digestion, the functioning of your liver, spleen, kidney, heart, lungs, etc, all these organs function without your conscious instructions but your instinctive intelligence enables them to keep you alive…

From today, spare 10 minutes daily, make an effort to observe by sensing what goes on within your physiological body, it’s very important to practice staying attentive within your body, paying some attention to what goes on in your body enables you to stop your conditioned mindset from sending antagonizing instructions to your brain to release hormones that subbotage the normal functioning of your body, someone asked me why she is finding it hard to stop repeating negative thoughts that leads to smoking, drinking, gossiping, or using abusive words… it all begins from this unconscious compulsive actions of the conditioned mindset, but the more present you’re within your physiological body, the more you will be in control of your own mind,  all your circumstances are created by your mind, it’s your own drama that you initiate unconditionally because you’re not physically present within your body, all negative thoughts arise within you because your instinctive intelligence is silenced when you’re awake by your autonomous noise making conditioned mindset, your life is energy, you energize your accumulated thought processes within your conditioned mindset, than energizing your inner instinctive intelligence, the conditioned mindset steals all your attention and uses it to keep replaying past memories which is energy draining, you alone, permit those thoughts, not anyone else, your struggle should be rallied on energizing your instinctive intelligence than your thought processes, the mindset doesn’t know between negative habits or positive habits, it only replays what you unconsciously energize, you can choose to ignore negative thoughts and energize only positive thoughts or both, the choice is yours, you’re the instigator of all your actions, *it’s not what others do that is the controlling you, it’s what you choose to energize that is actually in control of your conscience*

The mind is your life’s garden, whichever you plant there and nourish shall germinate, and depending on the nourishment, the faster such germination will happen, if you energize negative habits, be sure to leap your drama as harvest, like smoking, drinking, profanity, etc, the more you energize them, the more drama you will harvest plus more stress, but if you want to stop such negative habits, then practice observing what goes on within your conscience, understand that your health depends on your body organs, the more you protect and take care of them, the healthier you gonna be, else someday you will harvest your dramatic life, paying more in medical bills to support your life, and if you’re wise enough, prevention is much better than treatment, the choice is entirely yours, do it today, observe your body organs, feel them by relaxing to their levels of energy functionality, I mean, when your mindset is energized, it makes lots of autonomous noise, but if you resist energizing your conditioned mindset, you will be relaxed, you will feel your heart throbbing, your tummy turning food, your lungs breathing, all these are only heard when you’re relaxed, not when you’re antagonist, angry, upset, agitated, quarreling and thinking a lot, do observe this today and you will never be the same, for more clarity, contact the AfroWellness center…

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