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AfroWellness detox diet program depends entirely on raw plant based foods to supplement the general body with the right nutrients it’s deficient of, as it detox the entire system from the accumulated toxins

The best detox diet is a diet that continually detoxifies your body, so you never have to be in a health crisis again. There are various teas, potions, elixirs and unpleasant concoctions that all claim to do the job, but as Hippocrates stated nearly 2000 years ago, “let thy food be thy medicine.” The best detox diets are comprised of healthy life giving foods that by their nature cleanse and detoxify the body as a natural part of their metabolism & waste elimination.

Raw foods contain the life giving qualities and will sustain a healthy body far into the twilight years and beyond. While natural raw foods are detoxifiers by nature, recipes with more fat will tend to slow down the detoxification process, although some fat is also required to release some toxins stored deep in fat deposits of the body. So in general eating a raw food diet will cleanse, detoxify and promote weight loss if needed, but green smoothies and juices are better real detoxifiers.

When looking at really powerful detox diet recipes, juices would be at the top of the list with green smoothies a close second. The juices having minimal fiber are very easy on the digestive system and go right to work within minutes of drinking. Depending on your level of toxicity you may experience significant detox symptoms which are flu like in nature, muscle pain, headaches, toothache and can make you unable to function in your normal routine.

Green smoothies are easy on the digestive system as well, because they are liquefied, but most notably will be easier on your digestive system because they contain fiber and perhaps a little added fat of some sort. The beauty of green smoothies is that they are detoxifiers, yet they will allow you to function at your normal pace, unless you are quite toxic. A person can always alternate juices and green smoothies providing you the best of both diet taste. Plenty of pure water should be available as needed and would be better first thing in the morning and in the evenings than either juice or a smoothie.

Green juices and green smoothies are very powerful because of the minerals and the chlorophyll they contain. Chlorophyll, the natural occurring molecule that gives green plants their color, is a powerful detoxifier. Chlorophyll stimulates the bowels and cleanses the intestines; it’s an oxygen booster, blood purifier and builder and improves liver function which is key to any detox diet. Chlorophyll alkalizes the body, cleanses the kidneys, is an anti-inflammatory, feeds good intestinal flora, boosts the immune system, and probably does a host of other good things that science is not even aware of yet.

Foods That Promote Detoxification;

  • Dark Leafy Greens; like spinach, kale, collards, wheatgrass, broccoli – contains copious minerals and chlorophyll.
  • Beet root – is a powerful liver detoxifier.
  • Lemon – is a powerful detoxifier and alkalizer.
  • Cabbage – purifies blood and removes toxins like uric acid which is major cause for rheumatism, gout, arthritis, kidney issues, skin diseases, and eczema. Because of its high vitamin C content it’s a great free radical scavenger. The strong detoxifying effect of cabbage is due to its high sulphur content.
  • Cilantro – is a heavy metal detoxifier and contains chlorophyll.
  • Fennel – relaxes the gut, which can relieve spasms of the gastro intestinal tract, bloating, gas and abdominal pain, which can sometimes accompany detoxification.
  • Celery – is an excellent cleanser, a natural laxative, and an alkalizer. It has cleansing properties that aid digestion, cleanse the liver and gall bladder, and it’s a diuretic.
  • Dandelion greens – a very powerful liver detoxifier and mild diuretic. Dandelion greens are high in vitamin A, which helps regulate the immune system by producing white blood cells that destroy bacteria that cause infection and illnesses.
  • Burdock root – is one of the world’s best blood purifiers and general system tonics, it supports healthy liver function and detoxifies the kidneys and the gall bladder. It reduces inflammation, swelling and calcification deposits in the body, and is a heavy metal detoxifier.
  • Carrots – are also high in vitamin A and are good cleansers. They are also sweet, which can help in consuming detox diet recipes.
  • Jujubes (aka) Chinese dates – cleanse the liver and the spleen, aid digestion, calm the nerves, very high in vitamins and minerals.
  • There are many more foods that assist the body in cleansing and self healing, in fact most fresh raw foods help the body to cleanse, heal, and detoxify, but this is a powerful list that will provide ingredients for many healthy detox diet recipes. Combining just a few from this list with other fresh raw fruits and vegetables in your daily diet will go a long way in promoting a healthy body. Now let’s check out some healthy detox diet recipes.

    Raw Food Program FAQ;

    I think you could do a short fast like this every once in a while, but would not recommend anything more than a few days to a week without any green juices.
    What I can say is that the raw diet will improve your eye health if followed in the right way, to improve the health of your eyes you must know what causes your eyesight degeneration. And what I know is that the raw food diet allows the body to clean & detox out all toxemias and heal itself. When the organs of the body are allowed to function properly then all its systems work better and create an environment for cell rejuvenation, proliferation and regeneration.
    Good question. It does seem like there is a lot of good nutrition in the pulp, and there probably is some, but remember you just extracted many of the nutrients through the juicing process. Most people just compost it, but there other things you can do to benefit from its nutrients.

    Juicing is not only a good way to detox, but also a great way to increase nutrient absorption which would be great for your 3 month old since you’ll be passing those nutrients on.

    I would say if you are not replacing meals with juicing then you would be OK to enjoy some fresh juices. If you have a glass of juice about ½ hour or so before a meal and then have your meal you’ll be fine. You may even just have juice now and then in lieu of a solid meal. Now if you were replacing multiple meals with juicing that would be different. If you start to notice any detox symptoms go back to following each juice with a meal.

    Green smoothies might also be a great way to get more energy for chasing the little ones around the house. They are not as cleansing as straight juice, but are easier on digestion and should provide more energy for you. They can definitely be a meal replacement if you drink enough. The website has a host of Smoothie Recipes that should work well for you.

    As for joint pain and stiffness you might try cutting down on dairy and wheat (gluten), and also lowering your consumption of omega 6 fatty acids, which are found in abundance in meat and dairy products. The omega 6’s block the absorption of much needed omega 3’s which would be good for your joints. Omega 3’s are found in many foods, but in higher concentrations in flax, chia, and hemp seeds.

    First let me say that I’m not a doctor and am not able to prescribe remedies for diseases. What I can say is that if I were dealing with sickness I would clean up my diet dramatically and do the appropriate cleanings protocols.

    The whole idea behind the raw food diet is that we are eliminating un-natural foods and eating only those foods that promote health, mainly raw fruits and vegetables with some nuts, seeds, and sea vegetables.

    Green juices are extremely useful in cleansing the body and water fasting is known to be very beneficial as well. When we eat a healthy raw diet, we are making it easier for the body to digest and assimilate food, and so the body can turn its efforts to cleansing the body and keeping healthy.

    Sometimes it can feel a bit chilly during the winter months, mainly just after consuming cold food. The blood in your extremities is pulled in so that energy may be directed to the digestion process. Those on the raw diet tend to have less body fat anyway as over the months their body sheds that un-necessary fat.

    The use of warming herbs or foods can greatly increase your body warmth. Adding warming foods, spices, and herbs like fresh ginger, cinnamon, hot peppers, and rosemary to recipes will provide internal body heat.

    Adding these warming foods to smoothies is very easy and with a little thought can be easily incorporated at many other meals. Making a fresh juice with a 1″ chunk of ginger will warm things right up.

    Drinking a cup of warm, not hot, water or herbal tea can do wonders as well. You may find you need to put on an extra sweater or wear a hat during the coldest months.

    Then there’s the obvious, don’t eat anything directly out of the fridge. Take foods out ahead of time and let them warm to room temperature before eating. Neither hot or cold food is good for the digestive system. Try to consume all your foods at room temperature.

    Being low in magnesium can also contribute to feeling cold in the extremities. A healthy raw diet full of leafy greens and a few nuts is loaded with magnesium, but things like exercise and stress can use up loads of it as well. I have also known people who could not assimilate enough magnesium from their diet to fulfill their bodies many needs. A high quality magnesium supplement may be needed long or short term. Mother Earth Minerals has high quality minerals.

    If you are eating a well balanced healthy raw diet it is not likely that the diet is raising your cholesterol. It could be that your new diet is allowing your body to clean house and is throwing off stored cholesterol that showed up in your recent test.

    However, for some people over consumption of fruit, actually the fructose in the fruit can create issues and manifest in two different ways. First there’s gout, where inflammation, redness, and tenderness show up mainly in the toes. The other way is raised triglyceride levels which can raise cholesterol. Elevations in blood triglycerides may promote atherosclerosis by altering the size, density, and composition of LDL.

    Sometimes excessive consumption of fat can raise cholesterol levels because your body stores the un-burned calories as triglycerides. The avocado has very little saturated fat, but perhaps if eaten to excess could raise triglyceride levels as well. It could also be a diet high in fruit and fat that is creating the issue. Generally fruits should be eaten with little or no fat. Sometimes too much fat taken with the evening meal will still be in the system the next morning and create these issues.

    Cultures that eat a lot of coconut, a saturated fat, have a low incidence of heart disease I would look at long term trends, getting tested every three or six months to monitor and make adjustments. Whatever duration you and your Doctor feel comfortable with.

    Yes, we have detailed recipes notes that you can copy and paste the them on to Word or some other app on your computer before printing them out for personal use.

    Leafy greens are loaded with protein and are great in smoothies or juiced. You can always add some Spirulina or Chlorella powder to your smoothies. Soaked almonds, or hemp seeds can be added to smoothies as well.

    Sometimes excessive consumption of fat can raise cholesterol levels because your body stores the un-burned calories as triglycerides. The avocado has very little saturated fat, but perhaps if eaten to excess could raise triglyceride levels as well. It could also be a diet high in fruit and fat that is creating the issue.

    Generally fruits should be eaten with little or no fat. Sometimes too much fat taken with the evening meal will still be in the system the next morning and create these issues. Green smoothies are great because everything is already broken down making it easy for the body to assimilate the nutrients.

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    AHC Disclaimer*

  • The contents of this website, blogs, and the newsletter are gleaned from our experiences and observations as natural healers or natural therapist practitioners, they’re meant only for educational purposes and not intended to replace medical advice, consultations, or treatment of any kind.
  • We recommend you see your professional health care provider if you suspect you have an illness or disease of any kind. We are not medically trained from the conventional schools of medicine, but we practice alternative medicine for herbal products & food supplements. Please, we don’t imply that we know what is best for someone else’s body or overall health, ultimately each of us is the only one who knows what’s best for us.
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