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About GutConnection colonics

  • Gutconnection Colonics is the clinic for Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonic irrigation in Camberley, Surrey, Farnboghrough, Farnham, Wokingham, Woking, Bracknell, Sunningdale, Sandhurst, Aldershot and surrounding areas. The procedure is safe and uses body temperature-controlled water for the intestinal cleanse. This procedure is totally pain free and medically safe. During the colonic treatment, the therapist uses visceral massage technique on the abdomen and pressure points to make the cleansing process more effective.
  • Colon hydrotherapy is the gentle rinsing of the colon with warm water, to remove encrusted fecal matter, gas and mucus. It involves the safe, gentle infusion of warm water into the colon via the rectum. Healing and cleansing herbs can be used. The entire therapy is both relaxing and effective.
  • We encourage you to visit our website for more details, click on the link please; www.gutconnection.co.uk
Comrade Pelly Fenix

Colonic Hydrotherapist/ Yoni Steam Practitioner

About Yoni Steam Practice

About Yoni Steam Practice;

Understanding the Yoni (Vagina)

  • According to Naomi Wolf (Audible studios) there is a strong relationship of the Vagina to female consciousness itself. The vagina is part of the female creativity confidence and even character. Female sexual pleasure is not only about sexuality or pleasure; it serves as a medium of self-knowledge, hopefulness, courage, focus, female bliss, and transcendence thereby bringing freedom.
  • The vagina is not only part of the female brain but part for the female soul. Writers and artists are reported to have their greatest burst of creativity after a sexual awakening.
  • Scientists are confirming that the Vagina and brain are one network system. The vagina mediates female confidence, creativity, self-love, self-respect, plus a sense of freedom, drive, and transcendence. She feels in harmony with and in connection with the world. It can boost or reduce female confidence, can help unleash or prevent female creativity.
  • The vagina has also been targeted for abuse, violence, and control throughout history. When this happens, that abuse targets the female brain for generations to come. This is where Vagina (Yoni) healing comes into play. Deciding to get a healing at this point helps heal the womb and the fruits that come from it.

    What is yoni steaming (vaginal steaming)?

    • Vaginal steaming has been practiced for thousands of years by women of all races and all places. It has always been practiced by women for the purpose of postpartum care and treating gynaecological problems.
    • Vaginal steaming is rooted in Shamanic and ancient practice of healing the womb, treating the uterus, and cleansing before and after the birth of a child.
    • Different herbs are prepared and boiled then one squats over the steam from these herbs. This is a holistic healing practice that can be practiced by every woman.

    Yoni steam blends;

    NB: Please take note of the following very carefully before using any of our blends;
      For all the yoni steam blends; Ingredients vary depending on the season. You should not steam if;
      1. You have IUD,
      2. You are pregnant,
      3. You have Vaginal piercings,
      4. You have fresh menses/ fresh spotting,
      5. You are trying to conceive 2 weeks after ovulation,
      6. You have Nexplanon,
      7. You have had C-section.

      V-Steam is for you if you;

      Yoni steaming Natural Herbs;

      Reasons for Vaginal (Yoni) steaming;

    1. When we give our health to someone and let someone decide what we need in relation to our health issues, we are only going to get what they want us to know and only getting so far with our healing.

        Steaming gives women:

              • The authority to decide how they want to heal.
              • The chance and a tool to take care of themselves.
              • A chance to naturally regulate their cycle.
              • A powerful tool to address a whole series of problems.
              • It restores the pH balance of the vaginal area.
    2. Yes, the vagina is self-cleansing but given our modern lifestyles and foods, it can happen that women can have a bacteria overgrowth, yeast overgrowth or that there is some virus, the disinfectant, cleansing, cooling, and gentle herbs help cleanse the bacteria and viruses. These herbs are administered according to the women’s needs.
    3. This healing procedure positively affects the central nervous system via the psoas. It also works with the vergus nerve and can get people out of fight or flight response bringing the body into a state of relaxation which is necessary for healing.
    4. Steam cleans almost everything, heat improves circulation: and when circulation is low it creates stagnation, this stagnation results in some of these issues like cramps. Being able to increase the circulation through the application of heat has a lot of benefits. Why we use steam is because steam penetrates the cells.
    5. Steaming cleans the vaginal, vaginal canal, the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries without touching these delicate parts and organs.

    Our clients have reported:


    It is completely safe for most people. But if you have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions, treatment may be contraindicated. Your therapist will take a full medical history on your first visit and advise you accordingly, so please declare all conditions.

    It depends on your reasons for having the treatment. Your therapist will be able to give you a better indication after discussing your personal circumstances.

    No, you should feel no pain.

    You will be provided with disposable gowns and underwear.

    Yes. Your privacy and dignity will be respected, and your therapist will show discretion at all times.

    Treatment works best on an empty stomach, so please avoid food for two hours before your appointment. Drinking fluids is allowed (except for alcohol), but you will need to empty your bladder before your treatment begins.

    You will need an initial consultation before your first treatment (this will take about 15 minutes). The treatment itself takes between 40-50 minutes and we advise you to relax in the clinic for 5-10 minutes afterwards.

    Friendly bacteria thrives in a clean colon. Colonic hydrotherapy cleanses your colon, helping to bring the acid/ alkaline ratio back into balance and allowing friendly flora to multiply. We advise you to take a probiotic after every treatment to encourage this process.

    Yes, if you feel comfortable. Please wear a tampon.

    AHC Disclaimer*

  • The contents of this website, blogs, and the newsletter are gleaned from our experiences and observations as natural healers or natural therapist practitioners, they’re meant only for educational purposes and not intended to replace medical advice, consultations, or treatment of any kind.
  • We recommend you see your professional health care provider if you suspect you have an illness or disease of any kind. We are not medically trained from the conventional schools of medicine, but we practice alternative medicine for herbal products & food supplements. Please, we don’t imply that we know what is best for someone else’s body or overall health, ultimately each of us is the only one who knows what’s best for us.
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