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All our wellness programs are specifically designed plans that aim to improve your health and happiness. By completing a minimum 7-day wellness program of any type will offer you countless proven benefits such as; better functioning digestion, healthier & shinier skin, boosted metabolism & immune, sense of lightness, cleaned gut and many more.

In addition to all of these physical benefits, you will be gaining solid knowledge of “how to sustain & live a healthy and happy lifestyle forever” which is the most essential gain.

Once you visit our centers, our professional naturists & medical team, plus wellness experts will have consultations with you to determine the best path for your healing journey.

For weight loss, anti-aging or detox & cleansing purposes, our guests will receive different treatments and their special conditions will be taken into consideration while advising them to decide the most optimal program to take for their healing journey. Know More…

Proven Benefits;

As all our wellness program in our AfroWellness center addresses various needs and disease causes, we continue to promise providing a wide range of positive results for you to acquire. The expected results can change based on the individual’s medical history, body toxicity and other factors. Below is a list of benefits;

Who Needs Our Wellness Programs?

Anyone can begin a wellness program no matter their health status. Our Wellness Programs will improve your health and happiness levels through its unprecedented 360° healing approach. The list below shows those that mostly need to subscribe to our programs;

The Body's Healing Power;

Are you aware of your body’s healing power?

  • The goal of our Wellness Programs is primarily to feed every individual with the awareness of the body’s healing power, given the right & necessary natural conditions. Throughout 12 years of experience, we have the privilege to create these wellness programs – topped with natural therapies, & muscle exercises – that are designed with in-depth research, testing and optimization.

  • Besides,our main wellness programs which focus on immune boosting, detoxification, slimming, improved digestion, as Natural Practitioners, we have developed another set of wellness programs that are focusing on other specific issues as diabetes, weight loss, anti-aging and even more.

  • All chronic disease symptoms are a result of toxic accumulation in the body, which leads to constipation and a non-optimized life-style. At AfroWellness, we aim to teach our clients the fundamentals of our body and what it is that has to be done to maintain its functioning at the optimum level.

  • We base our wellness program on the premise that the following elements are essential to optimum health.
    1. Wheatgrass chlorophyll is virtually identical to that derived from all rich green plants. This amazing plant contains complete protein, vitamins, minerals, and most importantly, oxygen, enzymes, hormones and phytonutrients and should be utilized throughout one’s life.
    2. Germinated and sprouted seeds and grains are essential to human health in providing easy digestibility and boundless maximum nutrition.
    3. Raw alkalinizing juices on a daily basis are necessary to reverse the acidification process and to provide a full spectrum of nutrients.
    4. An abundance of vegetables and judicious amount of fruit should be used to ensure a sound health-rebuilding program that will provide a buffer against our polluted environment.
    5. Sunshine is the energy source of all life and plays a key role in strengthening our immunity.
    6. Water and air are two foundations for our very existence.
    7. Exercise is imperative and may even speed the healing and rebuilding process by 40-50%.
    8. Efficient digestive function and internal cleanliness provide an essential foundation on which to rebuild one’s health. Proper food combining, the regular use of vegetable juices, fasting, and colon management techniques should not be overlooked as they provide the keys to life-long health.
    9. Mineral supplements derived only from natural plant based foods such as algae, herbs, pollens, etc., can be used to help the body rejuvenate from its mineral deficiencies but not as a substitute for healthful foods.
    10. Integration of body/mind/spirit plays a central role in one’s health. Understanding the mental impact of one’s emotions on one’s health clearly reveals the relevance of the mind/body connection. This underscores the importance of positive attitudes in one’s pursuit of boundless health.

  • At this critical period in human history, we must face some challenging choices. However, we must also realize that this is not the end of the world; rather, it should be perceived as the beginning of a new era. We are fortunate to be living in an exciting period of history. Those who succeed, even thrive, during this time of drastic change will be those mature enough to recognize their responsibility to themselves, & their planet. Decades of experience in the health field has taught us that the responsible individual can and will flourish in this era. Such individual comes to realize that health care is self-care and that lasting health & fitness can best be maintanined through the return to nature practices.

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  • AfroWellness is a cross platform well-being center for all humans who want to take charge of their Health & Wellness. Contact Us Here…

  • If you have any question relating to our wellness programs, fill out the form below;
  • Frequently asked questions

    Why should I subscribe for your wellness programs or detox/cleanse? In this modern lifestyle, we are exposed to various sources of toxin, like; polluted air, foods with added artificial chemicals, like sweeteners, preservatives & stimulants, chlorinated water & fluorides added to toothpaste, plus stress and passive mechanical lifestyles, and many other factors, which causes the accumulation of morbid toxins in our bodies. Therefore, it’s necessary for anyone living in our modern society to detox their body system in order to get ride of the accumulating toxic substances in the body that leads to disease symptoms.

    We should detoxify in order to; age slower & lead healthier lives, lose weight, increase vitality & energy, improve our skin quality, improve our quality of life, boost & enhance our immune & lymphatic system function, prevent chronic diseases and of course for our mental & emotional well-being.

    How many days should I do the Detox / Healthy Alkaline Nutrition or Wellness Program? You can do certain types of detox programs for the period of time that you wish; however to have effective results, AfroWellness practitioners recommend you to do minimum of 7-10 to 21 days. Our Afro-Detox Program is the best wellness detox program that is result oriented, just after 1 week, you will feel the difference.

    What is included in the Afro-Detox program? Any therapies included in this program? What are extras I can purchase additionally? In Standard Afro-Detox & Healthy Nutrition or Wellness Program; your accommodation, daily meals & nutrition plan booklet, daily activities such as morning walks, rhythmic exercises, yoga & meditation sessions (two times a day), practitioner consultation, detox therapies such as, hydrotherapy, daily colon cleansing – self service, daily use of our facilities (pool, steam room, Electro Lymphatic message, infrared sauna, gym) are included.

    Some other supporting therapies such as beauty therapies; skin care, slimming therapies, massage therapies, well-aging therapies, health protocols, etc, are not included in the standard program. First, you should purchase your Standard Afro-Detox Package which includes your accommodation, meals & nutrition and some daily activities. On top of this you can purchase extra paid therapies or protocols that would support your detox experience.

    How will I decide which detox/healthy nutrition program to do? When you first arrive to our center, you will receive a detailed presentation by our wellness Program Managers regarding the programs and the therapies you are to undergo. Together by analyzing your health form, the most suitable wellness program will be chosen for you during this presentation. In addition, after the presentation you will be given your hourly schedule until the day of your check-out.

    Do the Healthy Nutrition Programs cost the same as the Detox Programs? All of the 6 programs – Detox Programs & Healthy Nutritional Programs – are priced as according to season and healthy needs of the clients.

    When should I come and what is the right time to plan my detox / healthy nutrition program? There are no specific dates recommended to start any wellness program. We do recommend for you to do a pre-detox at least for 3-4 days before coming to our center. Our program starts at 8.00 am in the morning. We suggest for you to arrive the night before you start the wellness program in order to start the morning rested and refreshed. If you arrive the night before you start your wellness program, we do not charge anything extra for the accommodating you. The bill will be settled depending on the days of detox that you do. All our wellness programs are available 12 months of the year.

    Can I smoke in the premises? Is it forbidden to smoke in the detox period? While you are on the detox program, the habit of smoking decreases by itself. We recommend for you to not to smoke within this period. It is not allowed to smoke in the common areas.

    Will I be able to quit my bad habits (smoking, alcohol, eating fast foods like, snacks etc.)? The Detox programs that we offer with the assistance of our wellness program managers and other extra therapies that you might have, will be effective in the long run.

    I want to give a detox program to a friend as a gift. Is it possible? Of course; after making the payment, we can send your friend a gift certificate.

    Are there any contraindications for fasting and colonics? Absolutely, not everyone can fast and participate in colon cleansing.

    I have a certain illness/a certain medication that I use regularly. Can I do a detox? In order for you to make the decision, we would advice you to consult our health practitioners. You may call/send a detailed e-mail regarding your health condition and our health practitioners will be in touch with you on a short notice.

    Do I continue taking my medication during the cleanse? We never recommend that you stop taking medication during a cleanse as it can be dangerous. Our highly experienced Detox & Well-being consultants will help to guide you with the best decisions regarding your health, so that holistic and dietary recommendations will be made.

    Can I cleanse if I have Diabetes? Yes you can. Type-2 diabetes emerges as a direct consequence of poor diet and unhealthy life-style habits, it can be reversed by modifying the diet and other lifestyle components. The duration depends upon the person’s willingness, 7 days is good for balancing hormones and blood sugar values, however at least 14 days is needed for a complete impact. Full fasting or juice fasts can be a wonderful remedy for type-2 diabetes. Our highly experienced Detox & Well-being consultants & health practitioners will help to guide you with the best dietary recommendations to be made. In our wellness programs, we do have 3 different programs for Diabetes Type-2, Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes (Type-1) Please check our website for more information. We so also recommend you to watch the wonderful documentary on diabetes; “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 days”

    Will cleansing help with my skin problems? In holistic health, we recommend treating all skin conditions by cleaning the digestive tract and liver, during your stay you will meet with our holistic health practitioner, who can make recommendations for you to continue with once you leave the program or your retreat.

    Do you have a Doctor onsite? Yes we do. When you first arrive to our center, you will have a consultation by our holistic doctor/practitioner and receive a detailed presentation by our detox & well-being consultant regarding the therapies & wellness programs. They’ll be ready to answer your questions & help you at anytime you need. Both our practitioner & well-being consultant will look through your pre-screening information and advise you accordingly about which program is the most suitable to meet your needs as well as making holistic recommendations for the future that can assist with any issues that may need addressing.

    What if I have High Blood pressure or High Cholesterol? We have many guests who subscribe to our wellness programs with high cholesterol and hypertension; in fact, many of them come to fast specifically to help with these issues. Every morning you will have your blood pressure checked by one of our specialized consultants. Although fasting usually will drastically reduce high blood pressure, we never recommend that anybody stop taking their medication for this condition. Cleansing has also been known to indirectly help with issues regarding high cholesterol as the whole process helps to clean the blood and liver, thereby improving the body’s ability to digest and break down fats and lipids.

    We have experienced and trained staff on hand to help with any questions or concerns you may have regarding these issues as well as extra services to help you plan an individual exercise and dietary routine to bring about greater balance, health and vitality to your life, should you feel a more in-depth analysis is necessary.

    Can I cleanse if I’m taking Anti-depressants? We would never recommend that you stop taking any prescribed medication whilst doing a cleanse, especially anti-depressants. However, there are special times to take the medication so it won’t be absorbed by the cleansing drinks that we give to you during your wellness program.

    Can I fast if I’m menstruating? It is no problem to participate in a cleansing program if you are menstruating and any extreme change in your diet can affect your menstrual cycle so don’t worry if your period is irregular or slightly heavier than usual.

    Can I detox if I’m skinny? You can still cleanse if you are skinny as long as you are not currently suffering with an eating disorder or are suffering with malnutrition or certain deficiencies. The main goal of cleansing is detoxification and removal of impacted waste within the colon. We have many skinny, non-overweight people visiting us for fasting and generally they fair just as well as other people. If you are drastically underweight, then you may choose to participate in one of our healthy nutrition programs.

    Can I cleanse if I am pregnant, will I be able to do a detox program? The wellness programs that we offer are suitable for pregnant guests as well. You may apply Healthy Nutritional Programs that would help you to eat clean and nutritional food. When you come for our wellness programs, the program manager will direct you for picking the suitable wellness program and schedule.

    Do you do anything special for the guests’ special days (wedding anniversary, birthdays etc.)? We offer 1 spa massage as a gift.

    What are the do’s and don’ts before coming? What should I eat & drink? For best results, before joining our detox program follow the Pre-Detox Program be sent after you confirm you booking for two weeks. This will both alkalize and prepare your body for a deeper cleansing. If you do not have enough time, you should start a minimum of 3 days before the detox program. For optimum results in the pre-cleansing phase, eat no meat, dairy products, salt, sugar or foods with added sugar.

    Stop the intake of coffee, tea, alcohol and all other drinks with caffeine. You can drink all sorts of herbal teas instead. Drink water as often as possible, but not with a meal. Water is a critical addition to the cleansing process. It is best to drink at least 6% of your body weight (i.e. 70 kg body weight, drink 4.2 liters of water).

    Cut off caffeine and alcohol, eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as your body can handle.

    Why do I need to Pre-Cleanse? Pre-cleansing prepares your body for the deep cleansing you will experience on the full fast. On a pre-fast, your body will move from an acidic state towards the alkalinity needed for cleansing. You’ll also increase your storage of electrolytes, giving your body the strength needed for cleansing. Fasting without properly preparing your body can result in rapid toxin elimination which, in turn, can result in some discomfort including headaches, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea and dizziness. You’ll experience a more enjoyable cleanse overall by pre-fasting.

    I did not do a pre-detox. Can I still start my detox? The pre-detox is significant in terms of easing the transition to a detox program. If you start your detox without doing the pre-detox before hand, you might feel the “detox symptoms” stronger. These symptoms are also called as the “healing symptoms” which are general reactions that the body can experience in the first couple of days of the detox such as headaches, dizziness, feeling nauseous, having strange dreams etc. If you arrive to the center without doing the pre-detox, we can apply the green detox programs to help you to do your pre-detox here.

    What should I bring with me? There is nothing specific you need to bring, just comfortable clothing for yoga, meditation and exercise classes etc. Some sports shoes (trainers) for walking, sun cream, bikini and a good book for when you are chilling out on the beach. Sportswear and swimsuit would be sufficient to wear during your program. (For the daily walks, yoga classes, use of the fitness room, daily pool/sea/infrared sauna/steam room usages etc.) For the wet season it is suggested to bring a rain coat.

    What should I do to confirm my reservation? We kindly ask you to fill in the reservation and guest health forms and send them to us. After taking pre-payment for the amount of 50% your reservation will be confirmed via e-mail.

    How can I make payment? You can pay with the credit card or make a transfer to the relevant bank account.

    Can I get discount from your prices? We have seasonal campaigns that you can get advantage on that specific period. Also, in the period of campaign, two different discounts cannot be merged. The highest discount is applied

    Can I have a late check-out? The time of the check-in is after 12:00 pm and check-out before 12:00 pm. We will try our best to make arrangements depending on the availability of the center on that day, however we cannot confirm that before hand.

    What is the difference between The Bodrum main center and The Beach? Our Bodrum Beach center is only 5 minutes away from the main building by walking and it is located by the sea side. It has a private beach and 14 boutique rooms. You can accommodate and have your nutrients/juices/meals and have massage in the Beach building. The activities such as yoga classes, infrared sauna, steam room, therapies etc. will take place at our main center. In addition, our Beach facility also offers half-board vegan nutrition service.

    The prices on the are cheaper. Can you explain the reason? There are two different price categories on Standard prices and the ones that have 10% discount which is non-refundable in case of a cancellation. If you prefer to book through the lower price, you won’t have the chance to cancel your reservation for free.

    In addition, the prices for half-board vegan nutrition service -valid for The Beach- are different than the prices for the detox programs.

    If I don’t join to the activities that are included within the Standard Package, can I have therapies instead? Unfortunately, we cannot replace the extra therapies with the activities that are already included within the package.

    What is your refund policy? • All cancellations must be received in detail writing. • Reservation cancellation request (via telephone or directly) must be accepted and processed based on availability. • Cancellations 7 days prior to arrival will be charged a 25% penalty of total reservation charges. • All cancellation charges are subject to 7% VAT No Shows: No shows will be charged a 50% penalty of the entire reservation. Early Departures: Early departures will be fully charged for the entire reservation.

    AHC Disclaimer*

  • The contents of this website, blogs, and the newsletter are gleaned from our experiences and observations as natural healers or natural therapist practitioners, they’re meant only for educational purposes and not intended to replace medical advice, consultations, or treatment of any kind.
  • We recommend you see your professional health care provider if you suspect you have an illness or disease of any kind. We are not medically trained from the conventional schools of medicine, but we practice alternative medicine for herbal products & food supplements. Please, we don’t imply that we know what is best for someone else’s body or overall health, ultimately each of us is the only one who knows what’s best for us.
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