AHC Catalog Sept 2020/2021

The AfroWellness Healing Center – AHC is excited to roll out its ongoing & new holistic wellness programs for Sept 2020/ 2021. We appreciate and thank our AHC community for the commitment, devotion & continued support throughout the years of learning & healing thyself. This publication is a comprehensive review & layout of our center’s training programs, classes, seminars, & workshops. We hope you find this catalogue of great resource.

“AHC team is committed to building holistic wellness families & individuals globally…”

The AHC Heal Thyself Affirmation;

The power to heal, to regain radiant health & wellness is within thyself, and we all have this power to heal & restore health within our bodies. Comrades, AHC team understands that personal wellness, community and global healing can be accomplished by our individual daily wellness lifestyle. And that together we can achieve our mission of creating a devoted messenger of healing in every home, family, community or society so that we shall end up creating a well-being center in every family & community at large. By understanding that humans we are one, we can work together in creating a dynamic system model of well-being individuals that can benefit our generation and the generations to come.

The AHC Team presents;

  • Holistic wellness programs; Holistic trainings, wellness workshops & seminars;
  • Natural health products & healing/ therapies or modalities;
  • Holistic classes both online live streaming & recorded audio and videos;
  • Certifications & to restore humanity to balance in mind, body & spirit.

Our Holistic Class Categories;

  • Specialized Muscle Fitness Class;
  • Full Body Muscle Class;
  • Interval Fitness Class;
  • Yoga & Meditation Class;
  • Gymnastic Fitness Class;
  • Strength & Tone Class;
  • Heath & Fitness Class;

The AHC Family & Community;

“Join our mission and together we can heal by embracing a holistic natural lifestyle.”

  • Our mission is to build wellness & holistic leadership in every individual through the placement of a messenger of healing in every home and the establishment of a well-being center in every family, community or society. Our goal is to end the health disparity amongst high risk communities who suffer greatly due to lack of holistic awareness on how to rejuvenate oneself and family through a holistic approach to inner wellness.
  • Our practitioner team of certified holistic wellness experts educates individuals in every family or community on how to transform from a dis-eased state to a state of radiant health. We empower individuals in every family to form global circles of wellness healers through our wellness training programs, classes both online and at our centers, on detoxification and wellness lifestyle cohabitation.
  • Our training courses are supported by top of the line holistic approaches & techniques, books, personal food journals & charts, audio & video support, and online live streaming. Every family circle of cultivated wellness practitioners will have a lasting ripple effect on our global system, on achieving mental, spiritual, physiological body well-being and economical enrichment.
  • Raising holistic children is at the center of all our training programs in every family, each wellness program offers guidance on how to shift individuals from their dis-eased state to that of inner wellness & lasting health. Our AHC training programs targets to increase the number of holistic practitioners who can increase the awareness of holistic approach to inner wellness & health.
    …AHC founding team

Our Wellness Services;

  • We invite you to Re-vive, Re-store, and Re-new your life energies, our practitioners are ready to serve you in the following health disciplines:
    • Wellness Consultation;
    • Spa Message therapy;
    • Colon Irrigation & hydrotherapy;
    • Your 21 day Detox Program;
    • Smoothie Preparation;
    • Vegan Diet Program;
    • Nutrition & Vegan Food Preparation;
    • Herbal Foot Massage; Wellness Lifestyle Coaching;
    • Yoga Fitness;
    • Aromatherapy & Essential Oils;
    • Womb Herbal Steaming (Yoni Steam);
    • Fitness (muscles) Training Programs;
  • The AHC Holistic Clinic;

    “Wellness Lifestyle Consultation”

  • The average person has an average of over 10-25 health challenges, the AHC system model deals with the human body as a whole, focusing at the root cause of the disease symptoms rather than treating symptoms.

  • We integrate ancient natural holistic approaches that cover emotional and spiritual challenges of the body as a whole. We invite you to experience our weekly holistic coaching sessions for your wellness lifestyle.

    “Create a vibrant ‘You’ and a vibrant family through our Practitioner Wellness Programs”

  • Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    Meditation & Mindfulness Detox Program Life Coaching Family & Relationships Holistic Therapies Holistic Products Holistic Home
    Holistic Counseling Practitioner Lecture Raw Foods & Smoothie Vegan Lifestyle Program Holistic Dentistry Aroma-therapy Practitioner Lecture
    Club Programs Afrofitness Program Club Programs Healing Thyself Club Programs Club Programs Get-Fit Program

    Take A Look At Our Practitioner Qualifications & Certifications:

    • Sacred Woman Practitioner;
    • Fitness Trainer Practitioner;
    • Holistic Dentistry Practitioner;
    • Wellness Expert Practitioner;
    • Vegan Diet Practitioner;
    • Energy Healing Practitioner;
    • Aromatherapy Practitioner;
    • Holistic & Life Coach Practitioner;
    • General Detox Product Practitioner;
    • The Power Of Alkaline Foods & Herbalist Practitioner;
    • Holistic Home & Relationship Coach Practitioner;
    • Womb (Yoni) Steam Practitioner;
    • Yogi & Rhythmic Muscle Movements Practitioner;
    • Meditation & Mindfulness Practitioner;

    Workshops and Seminars;

    During our wellness programs, we understand that there are 4 basic main pillars necessary for a healthier lifestyle & increased longevity, these are; health nutrition, natural environment, physical body movements and natural therapies; our workshops and seminars address how to mitigate these pillars for a healthier body.
    As an example, we take you through our modules on managing your home for healthier living;

    Module 1;

    • Turn your cooking room/ kitchen into your nutritional pharmacy to nourish your body from its mineral deficiencies; let thy food be your only medicine, and let your medicine be your nutritional food. Enjoy nature’s natural raw foods that your body is designed to absorb & nourish itself. All natural alkaline forming foods & recipes can nourish, rejuvenate and even accelerate the recovery process of self-healing. For more clarity, read about The Original Diet for animals including humans.

    Module 2;

    • Inner well-being, mindfulness & meditation, turn your living/ relaxing, seating room into your sanctuary for meditation and inner wellness, you need to discover yourself; you need to know who you’re and to retrain your mindset to listen to you, turn your seating room into your family healing center & inner connection to your true self. Read more about Mindful living.

    Module 3;

    • Your Bathroom becomes your hydrotherapy/ colon irrigation room; your general body needs continuous cleansing and most importantly detoxing. Your body just like any other machine needs routine servicing, you need to be reminded that your body operates just like any other machine, it’s the most sophisticated machine ever designed by Mother Nature. In other words, your body is the only vehicle you have to take you through this experience called life. You need to service it more often than you service your other mechanical machines. Read more about Colonic Irrigation Here…

    Module 4;

    • Your Bedroom becomes the regeneration chamber, having a well-ventilated & fresh air room is very crucial for your body’s regeneration, the quality of sleep you give your body determines how you spend or waste your days’ time; most people get accidents simply because their bodies don’t get enough rest. It’s one thing to invest your days’ time or to waste it away by denying your body enough sleep.
  • If you have any questions concerning our AHC Catalog, fill out the form below;
  • AHC Disclaimer*

  • The contents of this website, blogs, and the newsletter are gleaned from our experiences and observations as natural healers or natural therapist practitioners, they’re meant only for educational purposes and not intended to replace medical advice, consultations, or treatment of any kind.
  • We recommend you see your professional health care provider if you suspect you have an illness or disease of any kind. We are not medically trained from the conventional schools of medicine, but we practice alternative medicine for herbal products & food supplements. Please, we don’t imply that we know what is best for someone else’s body or overall health, ultimately each of us is the only one who knows what’s best for us.
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