Diabetes Awareness Program

Regarding the fact that diabetes needs to be treated with an integrative and holistic approach, our program is designed to help manage & reverse diabetes, through fixing the root causes of them instead of just addressing the symptoms, as well as restoring health and balance to those who are already suffering from the condition & allowing them to lead productive and healthy lives.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition that occurs when someone’s blood glucose is higher than the average level. Blood glucose or blood sugar is the primary source of energy in our bodies, and it is obtained from the food we eat. To get glucose from the food we eat into our cells to give us energy, we need insulin, a hormone created by the pancreas. Sometimes our bodies cannot produce enough insulin, or in some cases, it doesn’t use this hormone well. Thus, glucose stays in the blood without reaching the cells, and having too much glucose in the blood system can lead to health problems.

Cure Diabetes Naturally

Our intention is to challenge the myths & conflicting health advice floating around on the internet and give a clear understanding of how to control & manage the condition. During our Diabetes Awareness & Recovery Program, you will be able to transition into a healthier diet and, more importantly, learn how and why you should sustain such health habits.


Know Your Diabetes Status

Complete Recovery from Type 2 Diabetes is Possible!

At least 90-95% of people with diabetes have diabetes Type 2. Most of our clients suffering from Type 2 Diabetes have consistently managed to reverse this condition once they enroll to undergo our program. Because by controlling blood glucose, diabetes can be controlled, slowed down, and even partly reversed. Remember, starting as a lifestyle condition, Type 2 Diabetes may unfortunately turn into a chronic disease, followed by an increased risk in heart attacks, strokes, circulation problems, blindness, decreased healing on wounds, and kidney failures.

Symptoms of diabetes depend on how much blood sugar your body produces. Some people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes or pre-diabetes may not even show any signs. Whereas in Type 1 Diabetes, those symptoms may appear more quickly and be more serious. Some of the clues that can lead you to Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes are: Sudden weight loss. Frequent urination. Increased thirst & hunger. Slow-healing sores & wounds. Fatigue & exhaustion. Frequent infections, such as gums or skin infections & vaginal infections. Blurred vision. Irritability & sensitivity. Having ketones (by-products of the breakdown of fatty acids)
Type 1 Diabetes usually occurs early in life and is associated with a complete inability to produce sugar-reducing hormones. This condition cannot be reversed unless the person were to come within the first several months of diagnosis. However, our program for Type-1 aims lowering sugar reducing hormone requirements and restoring vitality and function. It will help you to be less dependent on medication, balance sugar & blood pressure levels, balance cholesterol levels, and provide excellent results in weight loss.
Bad eating habits and obesity may cause high blood sugar, which can lead to the reduction of the body’s hormonal sensitivity. This prevents glucose from entering the cells. Thus, the cells are deprived of fuel. On Type 2 Diabetes, your pancreas can produce insulin, but the cells are resistant to it, and your body becomes hormonal resistant. Through a balanced diet, mainly consisting of plant-based high alkaline raw foods, the body can deal with the causes of Type 2 Diabetes. Gradually the disease process will slow down, and the diabetic effects will be reversed.
Gestational Diabetes is a type of diabetes that consists of high blood glucose during pregnancy, which may cause complications to both mother and child. Gestational Diabetes usually disappears after pregnancy, but women are affected any way, and most importantly, their children are at increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later in life.
We can even add pre-diabetes as the 4th type of Diabetes since it affects a high percentage of people in society and can be seen as a warning sign that leads to Type 2 Diabetes. Blood sugar levels that are higher than average but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes may be signs of that you have prediabetes. You may have some of the symptoms of diabetes or even some of the complications. Therefore, it must be taken seriously and be reversed before it turns into Type 2 Diabetes. That means that you must follow a treatment plan and a diet and exercise routine. Even small changes can have a significant impact on managing the disease or preventing it altogether.

Diabetes Treatment

We have these basic procedures to reverse diabetes.

Detoxifying the body from accumulated toxins with a cleanse or fast is an important step to deal with the causes of Type 2 Diabetes. You can have a minimum of two weeks of our detox therapy program, like our Afro-detox Cleanse, Green Smoothie Juice or Water Fasting therapy. This way, your sugar reducing hormones and glucose dynamics will be regulated and reach a healthy level. Additionally, you won’t have low blood sugar anymore. Morning walks and exercise during the detox therapy can also help the process by balancing the blood sugar.
A balanced diet, mainly consisting of raw fruits & foods with reduction of carbohydrate intake, will make you feel well-nourished, gradually slow down the disease process and reverse the diabetic effects. After the detox therapy, your blood sugar will come down to an average level, and then you will make a transition to a healthy diet with nutrient-dense foods. Having long gaps between your first and last meals, like 18 hours, is very important. Because during the gap, your sugar reduction hormone levels lower, and when you start to have lower sugar reduction hormone levels, you get healthier.
The natural therapies applied at AfroWellness Center aim to enhance the diabetes recovery process and also provide the necessary nutrition that the body requires. Natural therapies applied by our practitioner team helps the body to balance itself naturally and has significant anti-aging effects. Enemas and colon hydro-therapies help to release accumulated toxins through the colon. We also enhance the release of toxins through treatments such as massages, steam baths, cold baths, and sauna. These therapies will be implemented in your program after the initial consultation with your program coordinator and our practitioners.
A diabetes recovery journey is also supposed to be a healing journey. The leading causes of Type 2 Diabetes are bad eating habits and lack of motivation. You may have the right intention and mindset, but if you are surrounded by toxic stimulants, your healing journey becomes tough. The AfroWellness Centers are located in peaceful environments designed to enhance the healing process. Keep in mind that you will be surrounded by like-minded people, enjoying their own journeys and also an experienced staff and practitioner team. When you feel demotivated, we will be there to keep you on track.

AHC Disclaimer*

  • The contents of this website, blogs, and the newsletter are gleaned from our experiences and observations as natural healers or natural therapist practitioners, they’re meant only for educational purposes and not intended to replace medical advice, consultations, or treatment of any kind.
  • We recommend you see your professional health care provider if you suspect you have an illness or disease of any kind. We are not medically trained from the conventional schools of medicine, but we practice alternative medicine for herbal products & food supplements. Please, we don’t imply that we know what is best for someone else’s body or overall health, ultimately each of us is the only one who knows what’s best for us.
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