Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy for Vitality & wellness

Colon Hydrotherapy is a time proven positive therapy to many wellness, weight loss and detoxification programs. A key to prevention, colon hydrotherapy can be a catalyst for change and the first step to a healthier lifestyle.

Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle warm water soaking and softening process used to cleanse accumulated waste from the large intestine. It is safe, effective.

Colon cleansing allows for a cleaner bloodstream, improved digestion and elimination, greater vitality and improved assimilation of vital nutrients. Colon Therapy eases the toxic burden on the filter organs in the body, primarily the kidneys, and creates an internal environment conducive to maintaining healthy flora in the intestinal track. Probiotics thrive and multiply more effectively in a healthy intestinal system.

Can a colonic detox your body?

The colon is distressed with all the burden from our daily consumption habits like excess consumption of animal proteins, processed food, fat, and sugar. Imagine loading your washing machine with very dirty clothes all the time before even waiting for it to finish cleaning. That is how the toxic material ends up re-entering our bloodstream and reducing our bodies capacity to function at an optimum level.

Does colon hydrotherapy hurt?

The procedure is totally pain-free and on the contrary, it is a relaxing procedure. A minor discomfort can be felt during the insertion of the tube for a few seconds. Particularly if you have a clogged up colon, during the treatment with the nurse massaging your stomach, you may feel a slight pain in the abdomen area.

Is colon hydrotherapy safe?

Colon hydrotherapy is extremely safe when performed by a qualified nurse with expertise in the area. We use end of the line technological Colon Hydrotherapy Machines with very qualified nurses. The room and the device itself is thoroughly sterilized after each application. Our clinic team meets the highest professional and ethical standards. You are in very safe hands.

How can colon hydro therapy help? (benefits)

Here are some proven benefits of colonics:

Removing the waste material from the colon literally destroys the habitat for the harmful bacteria. Additionally, a clean colon still functions as a last resort for the digestion. The immune system gets strengthened so the body becomes more protected against various health conditions such as:

constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel, bloating, excessive gas, indigestion, allergies, candida overgrowth, skin problems, brittle nails and hair, abnormal body odor, unpleasant breath, backache, stiffness, arthritis, fatigue, insomnia, poor concentration, and headaches.

What about probiotics (friendly bacteria) being lost?

The so-called “Friendly Bacteria” Probiotics reproduce very fast. A Healthy colon is a right habitat for the probiotics to grow. Additionally, the helpful bacteria are very strongly attached to the walls of the colon and it is not possible to lose them through a colon hydrotherapy.

Will laxatives provide similar results to colon cleansing?

Laxatives are very dangerous for the body. During the “flushing” through laxatives, the colon shows symptoms of inflammation which can cause problems and make it possible for toxins and waste to reproduce faster.

Should i feel embarrassed?

First of all the procedure is very clean and it is administered by professionals in a private room. The hydro colon machine creates a closed circulation where there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

How many times should i do it?

Though the number of times you may have colon hydrotherapy is up to your requirements and lifestyle choices, during a detox program we suggest our guests to have colon hydrotherapy once a week. Within a 21 Day program 3 applications should be sufficient and each one of them will be more successful than the previous one due to the nature of the meals prepared and general detox experience.

What is the colon hydro-therapy procedure like?

It starts with our guest lying on a comfortable therapy table. The nurse gently inserts a small disposable tube into the rectum. Every tube is used only ONCE! Filtered warm water starts flowing inside with very little pressure. The fecal matter, plagues and toxins are released off the walls of the colon. The nurse controls the water pressure to ensure an effective and relaxing experience. The nurse gives the guest abdominal massage to help with the procedure. During the procedure if the guest has the feeling to go to bathroom, there is no need to be detached from the machine.

How does it feel after a colon hydrotherapy?

You will feel relieved. There will be a feeling of lightness and cleanliness. Guests are often energized after a hydro colon treatment. Within a few day more obvious results will start to show such as: a cleaner skin, increase in the energy level and increased mental clarity. Drinking a lot of water after a colonic irrigation will increase the effects.

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