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Let’s understand neurosis

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The world is in a hypnotic state, 99% of humanity suffer neurosis, just working out routinely can separate you from being hypnotized by the very energy that you do not sufficiently utilize.
I know many people, especially young people, who had psychological problems. They got cured when they undertook physical activity like swimming, exercising or playing some sport daily actively; the activity expended all unused energy in the body and released all the pent-up tensions.

Today, we are physically inactive like never before. Earlier, you could not afford to be physically inactive. It was a question of your very survival. As a general phenomenon, there were neurotic people then also, but not they were few and far between. Today, neurosis is a common ailment. This is because your energy is not worked out; it’s trapped. You have not transcended your madness and at the same time you’re not working it out.

The therapy also is not there. If you went out and chopped wood for the whole day a lot of your energy would be spent, and life would be peaceful; but today it’s not like that. You are not using your body the way it was used earlier, so you go on generating all kinds of diseases, like never before.

Pent-up energy builds up in your system over a period of time. Then your physical and emotional energy need an outlet. Hence the popularity of bars, clubs and discotheques. Full of smoke, the discos look like madness; you can’t even breathe inside. Dancing, you go bumping into everybody else, but it doesn’t matter, you have to work it out, otherwise you will go crazy. So on Saturday, you go work out your neurosis for the week. Then the piling up starts once more and once again the Saturday night fever takes over.

There is another way to drop this madness and go ahead. Completely leaving it behind and going ahead where you are no more a part of it. Meditate. If you’re dancing to work out something, maybe it is therapeutic.

It is good therapy all right, but there is a certain ugliness about it. It is lusty; you cannot dance out of love. You can only dance out of lust.

When you love, you settle down, nothing more is needed. You can just sit here for a lifetime. With lust you can’t sit anywhere, you either get into some mad action, or you are bound to go crazy.

When there is a certain neurosis, you can only be in lust — for sex, food or some particular activity, it doesn’t matter what it is. Without that lust you cannot live. Even your work is an effective way of throwing out your lust. It’s just that it is the most popular and accepted way in the world.

Today, people just go on working, working. Not because they are creating something fantastic, but simply because they have to work, otherwise they don’t know what to do with themselves.

You have to guard that madness cautiously. Nobody ever knows that you have this within yourself and you yourself would like to forget it. You do everything possible to forget it. All the entertainment in the world has come just to hide your madness. If you were perfectly sane, you would not need entertainment.

You need entertainment just to cover your madness. If we take away your entertainment, you will go crazy. An evolved person doesn’t need to be entertained; he could just sit and watch a bamboo grow. If the need for entertainment is gone in you then you will become available to the magnificent exuberance of life. Every moment becomes a phenomenon of immeasurable depth.

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